"Russian Casualties Surge in Ongoing Ukraine Conflict, Approaching Half a Million"

Data Reveals Grim Toll as Ukrainian Defense Strategies Stifle Russian Advances

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SEOUL, Jong Kuk Park (Newsimpact) - In the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the casualty count among Russian forces continues to soar, with indications suggesting that the number of fatalities may soon surpass half a million.

According to data from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, a total of 445,040 Russian military personnel have been reported as casualties. The previous day's announcement recorded 710 fatalities. Similarly, on the 1st of April, 710 deaths were tallied.

This trend mirrors figures from March, where a staggering 442,170 casualties were reported, averaging approximately 17,686 deaths per month.

Additionally, significant military assets have been destroyed, including 7,018 Russian tanks, 13,386 armored vehicles, 11,171 artillery pieces, and 1,026 multiple-launch rocket systems.

The casualty figures provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense corroborate reports from last September by Russian investigative outlet 'Vzglyad', which revealed that the Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection had issued tenders for the production of over 757,000 certificates for combatants and 230,000 certificates for deceased soldiers.

Despite relentless bombardments and artillery barrages targeting key Ukrainian military strongholds by Russian forces, they have struggled to expand their territorial gains, resulting in a stalemate on the front lines.

However, the deployment of U.S.-provided Patriot air defense missiles and French-made SAM P/T surface-to-air missiles like the Aster-30 has proven effective in downing advanced Russian aircraft, hampering the effectiveness of the Russian Air Force. To date, Russia has lost 347 combat aircraft.

Facing shortages in artillery ammunition, Ukrainian forces have resorted to engaging in less than 1,000 rounds of retaliatory fire per day. Yet, they have successfully employed suicide drones to target Russian positions, inflicting significant losses. Mikhailo Fedorov, overseeing Ukrainian drone production, has announced the production of over one million drones this year.

Furthermore, Ukrainian drones have demonstrated audacity, launching 19 attacks on Russian oil facilities located over 1,000 kilometers from the border.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin's declaration of Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Luhansk People's Republic (LPR), as well as the annexation of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions as Russian territories in September 2022, clashes have intensified along the 1,000-kilometer frontline.

Retired Colonel Yuriy Yarelin commented, "With both sides entrenched in a protracted defensive stance, the intensified drone attacks by Ukrainian forces have resulted in continuous losses for Russian troops."

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